Vegan deodorant brand nuud launches Family Pack

Mega-pack features 4 colorful tubes containing their patented anti-odorant formula

Offer saves consumers nearly 50%

Amsterdam, March 2 2021 - Nuud, the Dutch scale-up and disruptor in the personal care industry, introduces its newest product – the Family Pack – a combination of four colorful tubes containing the super effective patented anti-odorant formula. The release of the Family Pack will be available online from March 16th at and marks another step forward in the brand's mission to minimize the environmental impact of the deodorant industry.

New Colorways, Great Value

The new release features three earth-toned tubes inspired by colors found on earth, along with the brand’s signature pink tube. Each 20ml tube is enough for 9-10 weeks of underarm freshness, and at 39.95 per pack, the Family Pack offers customers considerable savings of nearly 50% when compared to Starter Packs.

“The family pack is another way to inspire more people to join the deodorant revolution, not only with fresh new colorways, but by making nuud extra affordable too.”

Wilbert Leering, Creative Director and Co-Founder

Super effective and totally innocent

The active ingredient in nuud is Ecocert micro silver which naturally neutralizes the bacteria that cause sweat to smell. Natural oils (almond, coconut, and castor) ensure that the micro silver stays just where it should. Nuud is free of aluminium, parabens, and salt. And, doesn’t contain artificial scents or alcohol. This makes nuud the best solution for sensitive skin. It’s also fragrance free and doesn’t leave stains on clothes. Besides, nuud doesn’t contain any animal ingredients so it is completely vegan.

Prime Packaging

Nuud comes as a super concentrated cream. So, unlike conventional deodorants, you don’t need to use a lot. Apply a pea-sized amount and you’ll be fresh and odor free for days (the average is three). Using less results in less production. Which means less packaging and less frequent shipping. 

“With the Family Pack we can be more efficient with production and transportation. This way we reduce nuud's impact further.” 

Wilbert Leering, Creative Director and Co-Founder

Nuud’s tube is bioplastic; made from sugarcane and 100% recyclable. It comes packaged in an unbleached FSC-cardboard box. To offset the carbon incurred by postal delivery services, nuud makes sure its own distribution is climate neutral.

About nuud

Nuud is a Dutch direct-to-consumer anti-odorant scale-up. The founders of nuud believe it’s time for a change in the deodorant world. So they’re turning the industry around and resolving all the major disadvantages of deodorant-use in one go with a revolutionary ‘anti -odorant’ formula. The hyper-concentrated cream is based on natural ingredients and packaged in a tube made of sugar cane; it is both highly effective and has minimal impact on the environment.




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